stuff #140 | lace maxi dress

My latest online purchase. I have been wanting to get another maxi dress since the last one I bought, I love it a lot. But I wanted something longer. My housemate actually bought this lace maxi first from Hearts Fashion. She said the owner replies emails fast. So I thought why not? If I have a friend vouching for her service, I might as well but my maxi dress from her.

Hearts Fashion, RM43
Love the lace

But I have a huge complaint of her. Although yes, she replies my emails fast, she took a long time to deliver, and worst, she send me the wrong colour. Aargh. First time I ever encountered this. I did tell her, and she asked me to post the dress back to her. What the heck, and then wait and wait again for her to deliver? No thanks. It’s not that I don’t mind black, it is my favourite colour after all but now I have the exact same dress as my housemate. Haih…

Some of the pics from her blog, I realized after that there are other blogs selling the exact same dress, some more expensive but some also cheaper T.T

pic credited to Hearts Fashion
pic credited to Hearts Fashion

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