stuff #17 argyle, checkered, plaid…whatever…

from Midnight Carnivale, RM10

Finally my package from the online blogshop has arrived, after one week. Although the seller was not exactly rude, but she did make it a hassle for me. You see, I wanted her to send off my parcel early so I banked in the money early for her. After sms-ing her and all (without any replies at all from her), she then tells me she has already send off her parcels and that I have to wait for one week before she makes another trip to the post office. Haih…

I wasn’t exactly pleased, but I wasn’t going to get upset over a small thing like this either. So I just waited for it, while telling myself this is the last time I want to buy stuff from this blogshop anymore.

pic credited to Midnight Carnivale
pic credited to Midnight Carnivale

I am not such a fan of mini skirts so I think stockings are a great alternative to cover up. I have full black stockings and one purple one (second hand from my Mom) but I never have any patterned ones. So when I saw these argyle stockings going up for sale on this blogshop, I thought why not? They look kind of cute anyway, and not that expensive.

Hopefully I get the chance to rocked them out soon.

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