stuff#132 | mofew part II

The Survival Store, RM25
closer look at the vintage print

this is the 2nd part of my mofew visit, which are the stuff i bought there. this is my 1st time going to an online bazaar and i love it. i love the fact i can see and touch the product instead of just visual imaging on my laptop screen. best of all, i love the fact i can receive it straight away without worrying that pos malaysia will not deliver my parcel to the correct address. also, love that i don’t have to pay extra for postage fees.

many stalls were selling these vintage printed tops and tees. this is the latest trend to hit online blogshops. and they are soooooo gorgeous. there were so many lovely prints and it took me so long deciding which one to buy. The Survival Store was selling 1 for RM28, but 2 for RM50. So Clara also pick another top and we shared.

pic credited to The Survival Store
pic credited to The Survival Store

i love the cute vintage doll print instead of the usual vintage roses print. the material is also so comfortable.


Soak Republic, RM12
love connector rings like these

my next purchase was also from an online shop i have browsed before, Soak Republic. I love that they have so many quirky and unique accessories. however, previously i never bought from them because they are a bit pricey. but when i saw all those pretty and quirky rings, i cannot resist them. i have an obsession with rings, lately i have been addicted to connector rings. so i got this cute I U connector ring. love it so much:)

pic credited to Soak Republic


Frugal Mugal, RM25

finally, my last buy came from an online shop that I have never heard before, Frugal Mugal. actually they are selling vintage bags – so many and so damn gorgeous!!! but i was so broke after buying my last vintage bag. so i have to control myself and not get myself another one. however, my eye caught instead the array of vintage necklaces on display. after choosing and choosing and choosing (sorry to my friends who were waiting for me), i finally picked the pretty fairy one. so happy i finally bought the vintage necklace i love so much:)

so many lovely things at this stall

2 Comments Add yours

  1. yunlin says:

    Hi im interested in getting the i love u connector ring. would you like to sell ur ring to me at RM15?

    1. lilacnovember says:

      hi there, that is nice of you. Sorry but at this point, I have no intention of selling the ring as yet. If I changed my mind, then I will let you know. If you are really keen, email me your email address to k?

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