stuff #145 ~ wings, record and Egyptian

Could not resist it, bought more accessories from my favourite website, A Fashion Story. She sells lots of affordable accessories, lurve it~ First is this cute black angel wings ring. If you turned it upside down, looks like Mr. Potato’s moustache. Haha. Really cute earrings~ one side is earphones, the other side is record. So…

stuff #144 ~ ms hepburn

  While running some errands at Pavilion one day, I had the chance to pay a short visit to Chamelon. There were so many pretty headbands. I had a hard time choosing, wanted to buy a few. But then, I finally decided on just one, a headband that I like and would be hard to…

stuff#143 ~ spanish senorita

I initially saw this top online. Thought the lace collar looks really pretty. It kinda reminded me of those Spanish flamenco dancers. Really pretty. Problem is, it is a little snug on me, so I wonder if I should sell it off. But it is really prrreeetttyyyy:)

stuff#142 ~ of denim shirt and bag

Denim shirt has been a real craze lately. But I was not really drawn to the whole craze because I used to have a denim shirt few years back. It was so difficult trying to match it with my outfits without looking like I cam from Cowboy Town. Yup, it didn’t really suit my style….

stuff#141~ of gorgeous shoes and crop top

  Niichi, RM30 Crop top, RM20 This is more like, part 2 of previous post. As mentioned, I went shopping and I copped 2 things: gorgeous wedges from Niichi. They have great shoes there, all gorgeous. But so expensive. That day, they were having sale so I could not resist and bought these edgy shoes….

stuff #140 | lace maxi dress

My latest online purchase. I have been wanting to get another maxi dress since the last one I bought, I love it a lot. But I wanted something longer. My housemate actually bought this lace maxi first from Hearts Fashion. She said the owner replies emails fast. So I thought why not? If I have…

stuff#139 | dexig

yay. my earrings from Dexig Collection arrived. saw these huge collection of vintage earrings on their site – 1 for RM8, 2 for RM15, buy 4 free 1 + free postage. they have quite good service, very efficient in sending my earrings. i received it quite fast. the only complaint i have, is i wished…

stuff#138 | feeling bali

so the other day, i went to jusco again to shop for birthday presents for both of my friends. success in buying the presents and success also to myself…hehe…for copping this necklace. i am not really the type to go for ethnic or bohemian type of accessories but i was so attracted to the pendant….

stuff#137 | handmade and cheap

on a thursday, clara and i decided on a spur of the moment, to pay a visit to the sri rampai night market, near where we are staying now. usually when we go night markets like this, the intent is just to eat all the tidbits and snacks that they are selling. who knew we…

stuff#136 | peplum lovin’

as a continuation from my previous post, i mentioned about going to shop at jusco. just when i thought there are nothing nice there, i saw this floral peplum dress. i am a little tired of all the floral madness going everywhere but i was so thrilled to see a peplum dress i had to…