stuff#126 | loads of accessories buys in one week

wow. what a week. 2nd week back in UKM and it has been busy. besides the packed classes schedule, i managed to make some time to go out and have some fun this week.

tuesday – went to jusco wangsa maju nearby where i live at setapak. i went there to buy presents for wai kuan, my coursemate as well as cherh yun, my buddy. went and finally bought the pearl necklace that i have admired for a long time at sinma. i also saw a great pair of T-bar heels from Swiss Polo at 50% discount. what a great deal right? but too bad they didn’t have my size. so sad. they were such a lovely pair;)

Sinma, RM16

when i came back, i am so happy my package from The Survival Store finally came. it is this cool blogshop that sells really interesting items. some of them are even imported overseas. anyway, i came across this beautiful collection of vintage earrings and they were not so expensive. It was two pairs for RM15 including postage:) but i think they change the price now to not including postage already.

the earrings i bought from The Survival Store
Heineken beer vintage earrings
I Love vintage earrings

really love my new earrings although my friends say they are kind of big. but i love that they are unique;)

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  1. wendy says:

    Hi there, if you’re really in love with hair accessories or even costume jewelleries and would like to shop for more, then i would suggest you visit a shop by the name of ISIS@Wangsa Walk Mall,Wangsa Maju. They have lots of Korean products and the best part is the prices are reasonable!! (Highly recommended!!)

    1. lilacnovember says:

      Really? I have been to wangsa walk but haven’t seen that shop…definitely look out for it the next time I am there. Thanks!

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