#01 | I am back ;)

I have taken a long hiatus from this blog. Actually, I am contemplating to close this blog. I can never get used to the wordpress system after being so well acquainted with blogger. Sorry. I am not going to stop blogging or playing dress up but I have decided to close this blog. Will let…

a long hiatus

Dear blog, I am sorry for neglecting this blog for very very long. This blog started out as a concept to just keep track of the clothes I wear and buy, sort of like a diary. But I realized that I have too much on my plate to juggle so many blogs. Besides this shopping…

stuff #145 ~ wings, record and Egyptian

Could not resist it, bought more accessories from my favourite website, A Fashion Story. She sells lots of affordable accessories, lurve it~ First is this cute black angel wings ring. If you turned it upside down, looks like Mr. Potato’s moustache. Haha. Really cute earrings~ one side is earphones, the other side is record. So…

stuff #144 ~ ms hepburn

  While running some errands at Pavilion one day, I had the chance to pay a short visit to Chamelon. There were so many pretty headbands. I had a hard time choosing, wanted to buy a few. But then, I finally decided on just one, a headband that I like and would be hard to…

stuff#143 ~ spanish senorita

I initially saw this top online. Thought the lace collar looks really pretty. It kinda reminded me of those Spanish flamenco dancers. Really pretty. Problem is, it is a little snug on me, so I wonder if I should sell it off. But it is really prrreeetttyyyy:)

stuff#142 ~ of denim shirt and bag

Denim shirt has been a real craze lately. But I was not really drawn to the whole craze because I used to have a denim shirt few years back. It was so difficult trying to match it with my outfits without looking like I cam from Cowboy Town. Yup, it didn’t really suit my style….

stuff#141~ of gorgeous shoes and crop top

  Niichi, RM30 Crop top, RM20 This is more like, part 2 of previous post. As mentioned, I went shopping and I copped 2 things: gorgeous wedges from Niichi. They have great shoes there, all gorgeous. But so expensive. That day, they were having sale so I could not resist and bought these edgy shoes….

stuff #140 | lace maxi dress

My latest online purchase. I have been wanting to get another maxi dress since the last one I bought, I love it a lot. But I wanted something longer. My housemate actually bought this lace maxi first from Hearts Fashion. She said the owner replies emails fast. So I thought why not? If I have…

outfit#69 | sailormoon

Shopping at Times Square: this necklace brings back many fond memories of my childhood Went out for a shopping day with Uni mates, just simple look. Japanese print tee | Thrifted Denim lace-trimmed vest | Niichi Black eyelet skirt | Thrifted {gift from mom} White vintage bag | Sg Wang Red shoes | BUM Eq,…

outfit#68 | a pattiserie in imbi

It has been more than 2 months since I last updated this blog. 2 months may not seem a lot, but for a shopping blog, these 2 months I have so many purchases that I want to share. I now have tonnes of posts backlog that I hoped to complete soon. First up, this is…


I have so many ideas for diy projects and my shopping did not stop….yet. But with my hectic schedule now, it is impossible for me to blog properly…. I miss blogging, though.

outfit#67 | birthday

went to my friend Valerie’s house for an early celebration of her birthday. since it was just a simple gathering, i just took some casual pieces i bought recently 🙂 stripes top | thrifted black eyelet skirt | thrifted black wedges | nautini necklace | kitschen handmade earrings | thrifted