stuff #145 ~ wings, record and Egyptian

Could not resist it, bought more accessories from my favourite website, A Fashion Story. She sells lots of affordable accessories, lurve it~

Black angel wings ring, RM6.50

First is this cute black angel wings ring. If you turned it upside down, looks like Mr. Potato’s moustache. Haha.

Rock n roll earrings, RM6.30

Really cute earrings~ one side is earphones, the other side is record. So cute right?

House of Harlow-inspired, RM16.50
Love the unique design

Finally, I bought the House of Harlow-inspired necklace after seeing it so often in the online blogshops. I love it. The design is unique, kinda reminded me of Egypt, I dunno why. It is simple too, and goes well with my clothes. Already used it few times. Love it:)

One Comment Add yours

  1. A very unique choice indeed..Each of the three has a charm of their own..They are not only the wearers delight but also of the onlooker.

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