lately i think i have been buying lots of accessories with hearts / love motifs in them. lol. i dunno why. i did not even realize until clara noted them. the thing is i buy them for other reasons, like vintage or uniqueness without realizing they all have hearts motifs in them.

made some short bank errands trips. i hate the waiting part. it’s such a waste of time.

outfit 30.08.10

my eyes were quite swollen that day so i skipped the contacts. the reason? my mid-sems were coming and of course, hate that i am doing last minute cramming again. when will i ever learn not to procrastinate anymore?

my heart / love motif accessories that day:

love my new ring

another love earrings

white tee | sg wang

floral dress | forever 21

black stockings | times sq

studded flats | times sq {my most-overused shoes right now}

quilted bag | hong kong

i love u connector ring | soak republic {online}

i love vintage studs | the survival store {online}