stuff#139 | dexig

my new earrings from Dexig

yay. my earrings from Dexig Collection arrived. saw these huge collection of vintage earrings on their site – 1 for RM8, 2 for RM15, buy 4 free 1 + free postage. they have quite good service, very efficient in sending my earrings. i received it quite fast. the only complaint i have, is i wished they would have packed it more securely, knowing how rough pos express can be. one of my earrings has a crooked back, which i was quite sad about but it can still be worn.

cassette vintage, RM8

the first pair is this retro cassettes (what do they called this already? cannot think of the name right now). they are so cute.

marilyn monroe, RM8

the second pair is with vintage marilyn monroe images. i few vintage pin-up girl images earrings in their collection but i think it would be best to pay my little tribute to the iconic marilyn monroe herself.

pic credited to Dexig Collection
pic credited to Dexig Collection

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