stuff#137 | handmade and cheap

on a thursday, clara and i decided on a spur of the moment, to pay a visit to the sri rampai night market, near where we are staying now. usually when we go night markets like this, the intent is just to eat all the tidbits and snacks that they are selling. who knew we would end up shopping as well;)

handmade slipper earrings, RM8 per pair
handmade shoes hairclip, RM8 for a set of 2

we came across this stall selling various kinds of shoes and slippers earrings and hairclips. so cute and so pretty, with all the wonderful fabrics. best of all, they are all handmade~! i love handmade stuff:) a bit costly than the usual earrings and hairclips but hey, they are handmade right? you can’t find many of these around. so both of us copped 3 pairs of earrings and a pair of hairclips. They costs RM8 each, but 2 for RM15.

hairclips - 3 for RM10
closer look

and then we had to visit my favourite stall, the one selling all kinds of hair accessories, 3 for RM10. so cool right? and they are all so pretty. i bought a pearl heart, bling-bling heart and bling-bling crown. love them:)

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