stuff#130 | thrift shopping with both

collared white tee, RM28
equestrian design at the back

two family members that i tend to go shopping a lot with is my mom and my aunt. yes, you must be wondering why am i shopping with 2 middle-aged women. actually it is the both of them that really influence me to go thrift shopping, meaning to shop at flea markets. it is not always pleasant clothes all the time, must look really hard, and there can be a gem somewhere there. best of all, shopping with both of them means i don’t need to carry a cent with me. i know, evil:P

went to imbi flea market in the morning but sadly, nothing really nice there. after that, we make a sudden stop at bolton flea market just because my aunt wanted to exchange some of the stuff she bought there previously. it’s been a while since i went there. but i saw some really nice affordable stuff so i copped two things.

first is just a simple white polo tee for classes. i don’t even know why i still bother buying casual when we have to wear so much formal this semester. *le sigh*

lace cropped jacket, RM25

the second thing i copped (courtesy of my aunt) is this cute lace jacket. i really love the sleeves on this jacket. pretty similar to the white one i bought at sg wang. it was so cheap i had to get it.

i seriously dunno why i have so many lace and floral pieces in my wardrobe. i am not even a girly kind of girl. lol.

anyway, while browsing online, i saw the exact jacket at Not Naked. the pics are nicer. hehe.

pic credited to not naked

it’s selling for a slightly higher price, RM35…*here*

pic credited to not naked
pic credited to not naked

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