colors city shop diy charms

my latest online buy is from Colors City Shop, from whom I have purchased handmade accessories from. It is difficult for me to source out these diy charms, i just dunno where to find them. so when i saw them online, i cannot resist selecting from tonnes of choices available.

i bought 1m ribbon from them too, that has french words on them. i thought it was so cute [RM2.50 for 1m]. The “Made with Love” charms are RM3 for 4 pcs. The sewing machine charm is RM3.50 whilst the scissors one is RM3.

I really love the sewing machine necklace i saw from Although this one is a lot smaller, i hope to make a cute diy necklace from it. do visit the site for more choices. alternatively, i stumbled upon The Aura during the MOFEW bazaar and they also sell lots of diy charms as well:)

pic credited to colors city shop

pic credited to colors city shop