outfit#63 | compilation

outfit 12.08.10

On 12th August, Mom and I went to Pavilion to have lunch. It was a celebration for my Mom’s birthday. We had delicious meal at La Bodega.

earrings and ring, both from f21

floral maxi | thrifted

gold knitted bolero | mng

quilted bag | hong kong

black sandals | thrifted

flower connector ring | forever 21

vintage earrings | forever 21

outfit 21.08.10

i love having short hair. sometimes i wonder why didn’t i cut it sooner. but problem with it is i need to maintain it so often. that means i have to visit my hair stylist so frequently and it is just so troublesome. but the back part of my hair was really starting to annoy me so i forced myself to go trim it. the pic above is before i cut it short. there is not much difference afterwards, just that it was shorter at the back and my fringe was also shorter.

white vintage jacket | thrifted {very jackie o…love it}

black tank top | thrifted

denim skirt | thrifted

lace-up heels | bangkok

vintage bag | the leaf closet {online}

white hoop earrings | sg wang

charm bracelet | colors city shop {online}

cup ring | forever 21 {will take a nicer pic to show next time}

outfit 27.08.10

went to watch movies with my 7 dwarfs gang + “snow white”. hehehehe. anyway, the trio of us “memang geng”. after the four of them left, the three of us had dinner at michelangelo and then watch another movie. yup, we watched “repo men” and “tekken”. i really like repo men a lot. ever since i watched “inception”, i am beginning to like all these futuristic films.

black and red bow top | thrifted

satin shorts | thrifted

white gladiator sandals | vincci

vintage sling bag | the kooky thing {online}

key connector ring | forever 21

current addiction

i am currently obsessed with these connector rings. i already bought 3 from forever 21. they are the only place i know selling them right now. my friends laugh that i won’t be able to move my 2 fingers but really, do we need to move them apart? kekekeke…^^


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