stuff#128 | maxi

floral maxi, RM35

something that i had always wanted to buy but hesitated for a while now is actually a maxi dress. as one might know, maxi dresses are really popular right now. i bet you can see them in all the shopping malls. the last time i went to times sq, clara and carolyn accompanied me to try on some maxi dresses.

some were really great, some were not. but it has definitely exceeded my expectations because i thought with a height like mine, it would be really weird to wear a maxi dress. surprisingly, i did find one that i really like a lot. i didn’t buy it though. maybe next time as my closet is exploding soon:)

floral maxi dress, thrifted

anyway, i found this lovely floral maxi dress hanging at the flea market. best thing is i can try it on (unlike online blogshops) and it is not very expensive. after trying it on, it really fits well and is not very long too. it comes just above my ankle.

endless florals

the floral prints make it very sweet but casual as well so i can wear it when i go out shopping. then i would not feel awkward…

details at the bottom

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