stuff#118 | sailormoon is snack food

i am so happy with my latest online purchase. i don’t usually shop online during the holidays but i guess i made an exception this time. i mentioned this in a previous post about online vintage goodies🙂

my childhood memories
I Love Snack Food, RM15

yes, i bought one of these pretty vintage sailormoon necklaces the seller brought from Japan. i was so tempted to get all of it but sadly, i am still broke:(

*pic credited to I Love Snack Food*
*pic credited to I Love Snack Food*
*pic credited to I Love Snack Food*

are they all not so pretty? i love them all~~!! i used to collect sailormoon necklaces and stickers when i was young. yes, i am like super sailormoon fan;)

my sailormoon comics collection

because the seller was so preoccupied with her bazaar, she took a long time to confirm my payment and deliver my necklace. so i told her nicely to reply me soon because i was afraid she was one of those MIA sellers. luckily she did assured me she will send my necklace after the bazaar is over.

my necklace came with free stickers~~!!

yes, i was surprised to open my parcel to discover so many stickers inside. i saw those vintage stickers selling at her site. they are so cute right? it was so nice of her to send them to me at no extra cost:)

i love these vintage stickers:)

thank you so much to the seller, ade, for sending me the necklace and also these lovely stickers:) i will definitely visit I Love Snack Food again~~!!! Visit her site if you love all things vintage and quirky like me~~!!

*pic credited to i love snack food*

these vintage stickers are on sale for a pack of three for RM5 if you are interested:)


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