outfit#56 | it’s black, it’s red

it’s so hard to go out and see so many nice things and not being able to buy them.

i told my mom my dress from Forever 21 is going to be my last purchase for a while since i realized i have been spending way too much money lately. i know, i always go overboard during holidays. but it was so difficult. i saw this gorgeous puffed-up cardigan and i want it so bad:(:(:(


i finally decided to cropped my hair shorter. the problem with short boyish hair like mine, is they need to be trimmed often. i cannot let them grow wildly like i used to with my long hair.

i actually like my short hair. i think i am going to keep it short for a while, at least until my research project is over and then maybe after that, i will start growing my hair long again.


yay i finally debut my red leggings and black tunic. i really wanted to wear heels as i thought they would look better but after that, i changed into my sandals. i figured since i will be walking around waiting for my mom to finish her dye job, comfortable shoes might be a better option.

black tunic | thrifted {actually this tunic really reminds me of a nightgown}

vintage necklace | a fashion story {online}

studded belt | diy

red leggings | mono, times square

red bag | cambodia

caged heels | the kooky thing {online}

owl ring | a fashion story {online}

my necklace + owl ring

we had a late lunch at Kiku Zakura because I was craving for Japanese food. the food is great but pretty expensive:)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nyrac says:

    like the tunic, but are those sandals really comfortable? i think my feet would die in them >.<

    1. lilacnovember says:

      oh no the shoes in the pic are actually my heels…they are quite comfortable for heels that high…but i should wear them more often i think, to get used to them…

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