stuff#113 | feeling like i dread tomorrow

Nicole gray pants, RM59

on saturday, i am very happy because i finally bought a new mp4 player. people who knows me well knows that i am addicted with music. so i was very sad when my beloved mp3 player got spoiled…again!

i didn’t have a model in mind so i just went to jusco and got the sony walkman mp4 player in purple colour. why jusco? because my mom has some jusco vouchers so we figured it would be cheaper to purchase at jusco instead. the player was originally for RM299.

while we were at jusco, i copped two things. a pair of formal gray pants from Nicole. they were at 50% discount so it was RM59. the pants are really comfy:)

floral printed skirt, RM39

another item i bought is something i have been eyeing for a while now online. floral skirts! yes, i have been wanting a nice floral skirt for a while now. saw some really pretty ones online but since i cannot try them on, i dare not buy it. i am not exactly the ideal stick-thin body.

but i really love this skirt. vintage-like too;) besides, it was the last piece in my size, so i knew it was waiting for me. woo-hoo. i really cannot wait to wear it soon!!!!

another floral addition to my closet

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