stuff#112 | black is the safest colour, hands down

black ruffled top, RM28

on friday, it was a holiday to commemorate Wesak day. yay, i am so happy for not having to go to work. seriously, who needs to work 5 days a week anyway? 4 days is good enough.

being a holiday, it also means i have more time to look around and try on the clothes in the flea market.

a pretty design

at first, mom and i didn’t see anything we like and we were about to leave. just then, the seller spotted my mom and told her he has not displayed the new stocks yet. so mom and i waited as he took out clothes after clothes, because we wanted to see if there any nice ones. i did chose a few i like and tried it on but eventually, i only bought one top as i feel like i already have too many clothes.

so i bought the black tunic with ruffled collar and sleeves. honestly, it looks a little like a nightgown. but i like it simply because it looks different and unique than any other stuff i have in my closet. and it was pretty inexpensive too;)

my mom also bought a mesh top, really cool. i think i might borrow it from her. hehe.

sparkles tank top, RM10

on saturday, didn’t see much of anything i like. i probably went into an impulse mode and bought yet another tank top. this time, a black one with lots of sparkle beads at the front. they can be quite versatile to go with my many jackets. yes, i have a thing for jackets and cardigans. really like them a lot.

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