stuff#110 | buttons, floral lace and mathematics

here are some of the stuff i bought from my previous outing with WY (was on a tight budget):

buttons, RM3.60 per pack

ever since my previous diy project on buttons, i have been loving them ever since. while walking aimlessly in sg wang, we came across this costume shop that was selling practically, all kinds of odd things. from diy materials to masquerade masks and all those gothic accessories. RM3.60 per packet (inside each packet got about 5-6 buttons) was quite cheap so i had to grabbed two packets. i chose the military-inspired ones and another one more like pearl, very vintage-looking.

earrings, RM1 per pair

anyone who crosses the overhead bridge linking times sq and sg wang would know there are many shops there. one of the newbies is this accessories shop selling cheap stuff. earrings for only RM1 per pair and bangles at only RM3 each. of course, quality is not good and they are not really that pretty. the reason i bought those 2 pairs is because of a diy project i have in mind.

i saw these gorgeous audrey hepburn vintage ribbon brooches in sg wang. they were so breathtakingly beautiful but were so expensive, at RM29 each. so i decided to make one using the frames from these earrings i bought. i dunno if it will worked or not since ideas only look good in the head sometimes. i guess if this project doesn’t work and i still love those brooches, then i will forked out RM29 for them.

sneak peek of my latest diy project

yes, i am in the process of making them last night but i don’t have enough ribbons so i had to put a stop first. sigh.

floral lace leggings, RM25

floral stockings/leggings were quite the thing a while ago, when i spotted diana rikasari from hot chocolate and mint purchasing one from ebay. of course, they are quite “out there” so not many people were wearing them. recently, topshop brought this trend back through their latest summer collection. and of course, if topshop is having them, then all malaysian online blogshops will follow suit, carrying their “topshop-inspired” pieces.

already, i have spotted many floral leggings on some blogshops, especially the more famous ones. at first, they seemed a little too weird to me but after a while, they kind of grew on me. so when i passed by a shop in times sq selling them at RM25, i just went ahead and got them. at RM25, they are pricey for times sq stuff but a lot cheaper than all the other online blogshops. i will compare the prices for my next post.

closer look at lace+florals

honestly, i really love the lace and the colour of the florals. just thinking how am i going to match it so that it looks nice and trendy.

mathematics vintage necklace, RM16.90

my favourite place to shop for accessories is Chamelon, just because they are so darn cheap. since i am obsessed with vintage necklaces, i could not help perusing through them. Chamelon has a huge collection of vintage necklaces from RM14 to RM22. some of them are about the same price as online shops and some are even cheaper.

so i was just looking and i saw this cute mathematics / school-inspired vintage necklace. so so so cute~~!! they had a blackboard with maths equations, calculator, ruler, pencil, apple and maths book. i just thought it was the cutest thing ever~~!!

from Chamelon, so cute~!

i also bought nu bra from random shop in sg wang for RM19.90. i didn’t want to buy it at first but what the heck, might as well try it since my latest online purchase, the pretty bowback top, i cannot wear it unless i want to be flashing my bra hooks to the public.

i love shopping, just not on a tight budget.

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