outfit#53 | my favourite selca shot

times sq/sg wang outing day

this weekend, i went out for a lil’ bit of shopping with my bbf from form 6, WY. she just finished her exams so we decided to meet up. due to our clashing schedules, we only have time to meet up whenever we both have holidays. YC could not make it this time as she had something on.

May 22nd, 2010
selca shot of moi;)

jacket | thrifted (the buttons are from my latest diy project~!)

grey flared top | cotton on

mesh leggings | thrifted

necklace | kitschen

bangle | traveller’s jewellery (online)

earrings | sinma

quilted bag | hong kong

studded sandals | vincci

my pretty necklace...i lurve it;)
our shoes!!

i had so much fun shopping around. saw so many many pretty things that i want but too bad i am on such a tight budget. luckily, WY is also on a tight budget too. lol, 2 girls who are broke go shopping.

anyway, WY bought those black wedges for her industrial training. are they not fabulous? i really lurve her shoes. she had to buy a new pair coz while we were shopping, the base of one of her sandals totally came off.


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