compare#4 | floral leggings and vintage necklaces

so long that i did not do this sort of post anymore. sorry, just too lazy.

if you live within the kl city area, it would be best to scoured around the shopping malls before buying them online. chances are, the malls are selling the exact items for a lot cheaper (we are talking up to half-price~!) than those selling online.

times sq, RM25

my latest purchase include this floral lace legging that i got from a random shop in times sq.

below are online blogshops selling almost similar leggings plus their prices:

tic tac toe | RM48

miss ocd | Rm35

igloo | Rm37

vivace cabin | Rm40

rockstar’s closet (pic not here) | RM29 (cheapest yet~!)

see what a vast differences in the prices? alternatively, you can browse through this website for links to the products.

*pic credited to tic tac toe*
*pic credited to miss ocd*
*pic credited to igloo*
*pic credited to vivace cabin*

if you love vintage necklaces, like my owl necklace (*here*), Chamelon is only selling for RM9.80 or my mirror necklace (*here*), Chamelon is also selling at RM16.90.

if you want the links to the blogshops above, just drop me comments.

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