stuff#109 | 4minute HuH

thrifted, RM30

this week at my internship, i felt like being used as free labor. the filling machine broke down and we had to fill the product into the bottles manually. i think we broke a whole new record, filling in more than 8000 bottles this week alone.

lately, i feel like there are not much stuff i can shop for anymore. i guess i finally realized my closet can explode anytime soon, i just need to find the time and energy to clear it already.

love the monochrome paisley prints

i wasn’t on the lookout for any skirts, but my mom stumbled upon this one and thought it looks pretty. and it does. the material is glitzy type, so pretty. and the prints kinda reminded me of vintage looks. overall, i feel like its christmas when i see this skirt, i dunno why.

i am looking forward to wearing this skirt to work soon but maybe after they transferred me to another department where yellow jumpsuits are not required. sigh, i feel like one of the boys every day at my internship.


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