stuff#105 | j-card members craziness

a continuation from previous post, i managed to copped some goodies during the sale. kekeke. these are some of the stuff i bought:

lurve lurve lurve this rocker jacket;)
Rocker jacket, RM40

yay, i love love this jacket when i first saw it. i think it was about RM60? i cannot remember but after discount, it was so worth it i had to buy it. i finally got the rocker jacket i wanted so much. so happy:)

i actually also saw another bf blazer in silver colour! so pretty. i contemplated for a long time before deciding not to buy it. first, because i already have one in black and i don’t need so many blazers. second, they don’t have my size. it was either XL or XXL. sigh.

yellow flats with lace overlay
lace flats, RM35

i know i mentioned before how i should stop buying shoes but all the shoes were at 30% discount. i go crazy during sales. i love the lace detailings on these pair of flats. even better, in yummy yellow. looking for yellow stuff lately, i dunno why.

there were so many other flats on sale. if not because i previously bought so many already, i would have buy some more. they were all so colourful and pretty.

Tan gladiator wedges, RM49
studded gladiator

i have been wanting to buy a pair of wedges since i had to throw my old pair away (the whole wedge part came off, send for repair but still came off). not that crazy with gladiators shoes but i think this pair looks a little vintage. hehehe. maybe because of the colour. was quite pricey at first but i think after discount, it is okay.

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