stuff#103 | more new shoes…shoesaholic;)

this is a delayed post.

must. stop. buying. shoes.

i honestly have been buying lots of shoes lately. just because two of my shoes have been worn out beyond repair, i have been using that as an excuse to buy more shoes. my mom still doesn’t know about 2 other pairs of shoes i had bought. she is going to kill me. sigh.

Black sandals, RM25

i love the unique shape of these sandals. when i put my feet together, it creates a pretty crescent shape.

Bright pink flats, RM15

this pair of flats i bought not for style, but more for function since they are so darn comfortable. my thesis work in hukm requires me to basically, either stand whole day or running around looking for patients. therefore, it is vital i do my work in comfortable shoes. besides, in the hospital who cares how you look right? i am already wearing a white coat anyway. but i still picked out a fun colour, true to my own style;)

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