stuff#99|sweet vintage presents

pic credited to *sweet grocery*

i found this new online shop, called Sweet Grocery that sells pretty things, at quite reasonable prices (compared with other online blogshops). since mostly everything was sold out, i did see that these vintage earrings were quite nice, very sweet (there are a lot more designs on her site). so, together with 2 of my friends, we shared and bought 3 pairs from her.

Vintage presents earrings, RM6

everything went well. the girl was okay, good service. we agreed on pos express and she also notified me the day she was sending out the parcel. usually, in setapak, the pos express will arrived the next day. but unfortunately, the next day i had still not yet receive my package. maybe a slight glitch, i thought. just one day, no big deal right?

the next day, the post office called me and asked me for my address (???). this is the 1st time the post office called me regarding this matter. so i waited and waited. finally in the evening, i got my parcel and to my horror, the girl totally missed out the 1st line of my address!!!! no wonder-lah. how stupid it is that she can write the address without any house number or the name of my apartment? she started the address with “Jalan Setapak….”. omg, anyone living in this area will know there are dozens of apartment buildings along that road.

i thought maybe i gave her the wrong address so i asked her to email me the address i send to her. no problem, it was correct. for regular online shopper like me, very rarely i will give the wrong address. so i was really angry at her irresponsibility. i wrote her an sms, saying she was at fault and was being so irresponsible with her customers.

but, she did apologized and i let go of the whole matter. however, i dunno if i should shop at her site anymore. i am worried the next time i will not be as lucky or fortunate. because we all know how post in malaysia can be like.

from Sweet Grocery, 1 for RM7, 3 for RM18

this is the first time i bought vintage-looking earrings. i really like the boxes, reminded me of the 50s’. despite the mistake from the seller, i am pleased with my earrings.


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