stuff#98|i finally forked out my cash

pic credited to *the kooky thing*

so, back to my list of online stuff i love, i finally decided to buy the hexagonal vintage bag from The Kooky Thing.

my new hexagonal vintage bag, as posed by clara

i really contemplated for a long time if i should buy it or not. on one hand, it is really expensive. but, on the other hand, i just cannot stop obsessing over it. i really have a thing for vintage bags, and even more if they are oddly-shaped, like this one. yes, recently i developed a newfound love for all things quirky.

Hexagonal bag, RM75

i was a little worried at first if i spend so much money on something bought online, the results would be disappointing. because we all know the dangers of “pay first, see later”.

in LIME GREEN. sharp no?

thankfully, the bag came out to be better. the quality is superb, because it is the hard type, so it won’t get dirty so easily. and i absolutely love the shape and the colour.

my new love:)

i already used it twice since. will post the pics up soon;)

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