stuff#102~today is bottoms day~~

bought 3 pairs of pants today

my aunt has been wanting to go thrift market shopping for the longest time already. the reason being my aunt, as indecisive as she can be, after purchasing several items (we are talking hundreds of ringgit here), she had a change of heart for a few items she bought. so she decided to return the items back to the seller but the seller will not refund her money. instead, the seller gave my aunt credit, meaning she can exchanged for other items. now that the incident was many months ago, my aunt had been wanting to go back there again so she can refund the credit for new arrival items.

as for me, i copped 2 pairs of bottoms actually. a pair of camel-colour khakis for classes (the colour is actually almost orangey, unlike the colour the pic is showing) and denim shorts for hot days at setapak. yes, i was thinking about function more than fashion that day. both my aunt and my mom, however bought a lot more stuff than i did.

my mom originally bought those faded light denims for herself, but when she tried it at home, she didn’t like them as much. so i asked her to give it to me. hehehe. besides, i do want some new denims. i have a lot of jeans, though. and that was the end of our labour day thrift shopping;)

Camel brown khakis, RM35
Mickey-inspired denim shorts, RM25
Faded grey jeans, RM35

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