stuff#101|all things with heart shapes ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

the very next day after sia and i went to sakura & pavilion, i went out again. with sia and carolyn lee. sia had been wanting to buy shoes badly. and she needed some too, esp since all her shoes were badly worn out. so the 3 of us headed to times sq, around the same time as yesterday, which is 5pm. the traffic was so horrible, btw.

sia finally bought her shoes – 2 pairs of flats and 1 pair of dressy sandals. as for me, i copped these heart-shaped sunnies from a random booth in times sq. i have been looking for a pair of these since i saw one selling online. the seller was actually selling her pre-loved forever21 heart-shaped sunnies but were bought by someone else already. i went to forever21 the previous day searching for a pair of these but had no luck. finally i found them in times sq and pretty cheap too. diana rikasari and sweatlee also had a pair of these quirky sunglasses. cute:)

random booth in times sq, RM15

another thing i bought are these pair of flats with heart-shaped studs. i wanted to buy a pair of flats since two of my old ones were so worn out, the bottom soles came out. usually i don’t go for studded shoes. not that they are not nice, just that i am a little sien of the whole studs mania. they used to be cool, but after seeing them so often, i am a little tired of them already.

but these flats are super cute, and the studs don’t make them look childish. will probably wear them when i start my industrial training. in 3 days time. le sigh. here comes the working world beckoning to me:(

times sq, RM30
heart-shaped studs flats

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