stylista#9 from land of the red sun

pic credited to *the sartoralist*

it has been a while since i last blog-stalk, “The Sartoralist” (link on sidebar), whom i am sure many fashion bloggers are familiar with.

anyway, their recent destination was to Japan, one of the places i want to go someday. i came across this stylista, and found it to be absolutely endearing. love babydoll dress paired up with a lazy cardigan, and add with the vintage necklace. so quaint and lovely right? also, she is wearing shoes with socks, one of the trends that i have been wanting to experiment but not yet found the guts to. love the comfort + beautiful style in this photo.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nyrac says:

    I saw that too, and i was like damn i like this girl’s style! I love her shoes as well, but i don’t think i got the sweetness to pull that look off.

    1. lilacnovember says:

      it is really sweet, isn’t it? i don’t think i can pull it off either, what with my short hair. but you gotta love the combo. it’s simple but eye-catching;)

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