stuff#89| shopping thursday…at pavillion…

On Thursday, my roommate Suzane helped me to interview patients for my questionnaires that I needed to do for my final year thesis.

We first ate breakfast at McD’s because I had some coupons from my previous lunch there with coursemates. After that, off to HUKM. Got 8 patients in about 3 hours. Very good accomplishment since I got 3 the last time. After that, off to my mom’s office to collect my Lit Review. Then, lunch at Wendy’s @ Times Sq. I wanted to treat Suzane for helping me. After that, shopping at Times Sq and also Pavilion before finally going to campus to drop off my Lit Review and then back home to Setapak:)

I have not been shopping for a while now. I was so tempted with everything I saw. Luckily, Times Sq was such a bore as I already have similar pieces at home. And most of them, were what I saw online too. Pavilion was better but the price budget made shopping really limited. I am going to save money and buy a dress from Forever 21…one day;)

Here are some stuff bought from my shopping trip. Didn’t realized how much I spend:(

Heart-shaped stockings, RM10

Saw these in an online blogshop (forgot the name) selling for like, RM29!!! I bought in a shop in Times Sq for only RM9.90. Ya la, the hearts was so tempting coz they are so interesting.

A closer look at the package

But the hearts not really obvious lar. Still got pattern though, the stockings, so something different for my wardrobe.

Some shop in Times Sq, RM10

Was walking around when I saw a white tank top that had this embellished necklace at the collar. Usually I would not go for it if not because the necklace looks so familiar…

From The Kooky Thing...

And I went to see online and I was right! Looks pretty similar right? Bought for only RM10 (came with tank top somemore). TKT was selling close to RM30, I think.

Forever 21, RM9

Kononnya, my roommate say Forever 21 got sale. So we walked all the way to Pavilion. Disappointed no sale and everything was priced way over our budget. But we still decided to try on some pieces.

I tried on this gorgeous purple floral dress and pink peplum dress. I love both of them so much. Now I know why people like Forever 21 dresses so much. The cutting is fabulous. Didn’t take any pics coz did not bring my camera out and my hp as well as suzane’s hp low battery.

I want to buy those dresses!!! Anyone want to sponsor me? 😉

Rubi @ Cotton On, RM34.50

Then, next we went to Cotton On, who was just next door to Forever 21. I heard of this Australian brand from some fashion bloggers. They sell for quite reasonable prices.

I love these red Rubi shoes. I heard of Rubi from Spore. didn’t realized they had it here too. originally priced at RM50 per pair but if you buy 2 pairs, they are RM69 for both pairs. So i got the red ones and suzane took the floral-printed ones.

Cotton On skirt, RM25

Cotton On was selling these cute printed skirts for only RM25. I love the prints on them. maybe its coz i saw how diana rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint styled them. ya la, as usual, clara my housemate enjoys criticizing my sense of style but really, I never listen to her before. and i never regretted that decision. kekekeke.

i like how the prints are not too floral, more like paint-washed. and the blue and grey combo is so interesting. i really cannot resist this skirt;)

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  1. nyrac says:

    you spent almost rm90 on all those knick knacks alone, if it were me i’d have preferred to use the same money, fork out another 20 bucks, and buy a F21 dress, cos i know i’ll wear that more than i’ll ever do with my accessories. i’m not an accessory person, i wear the same necklace day in day out, and even though i have a lot of earrings i only wear two pairs, and my two rings 😛 i am uncreative in that sense.

    but i guess i have to cut down on my F21 dresses as well. went out with my friends to see zee avi on saturday, and all around me i recognized dresses from F21, and one of them was one that i also had which i almost decided to wear for that night too. i hate it when i show up in the same outfit with someone else ;P

    nice flats though, there’s a shoe fair at pwtc 2nd-4th april, i think i’ll be there.

  2. lilacnovember says:

    ya…i get your point about the f21 dresses…i dunno if it is the fact i like accessories a lot or the fact that i have too many dresses that i cannot see myself spending so much on just one dress, that i may not wear so often…

    but after going to f21 that day, i think i will cut down on other shopping and save money to buy a dress from there. lol. i think it will be much more satisfying than buying other stuff.

    yup, it’s difficult whenever I see someone having the same outfit as mine. too bad 2nd april is my study week:(

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