stuff#85|sweet vintage

i saw this really pretty vintage necklace from Kitshen, this boutique at Times Sq. really love it, was the last piece though. but i already have a lot of vintage necklaces so i didn’t go and buy it.

but you know how sometimes you wished you bought something, you kind of think back and say why didn’t i buy it?

so the other day, my roommate went to times sq for lunch. i asked her to go kitschen and buy the necklace for me. the thing is, it is a last piece and it was on display on one of the mannequins there. so i had to ask suzane to look for the necklace on the mannequins. lol.

thankies roomie, and also my housemate;)

from the front
from the back
from the inside

Last piece (the lock is faulty), priced at RM19.90~

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