stuff #26 cute bunnies, rocker studs and pretty hoops

Yes, my mid-sem exams are finally over!
Went to Jusco Wangsa Maju with Wei Wei and Beng Beng (yes, double names!)
Goodies I bought (sigh, I am so broke)

Book Bag, RM25
Book Bag, RM25

Pierced my ear for the 6th time already. In the same shop that I got my piercing done, “Zing”, I saw this ultra-cute Le Sportsac-inspired print tote. I told myself not to get anymore these kind of “cartoon-printed” bags but I cannot help it! They are so so pretty. Each bunny has a different clothing on. Yay, I love it!
Thanks to my roomie Suzane who lost a bet with me and BB, hence this bag is partly sponsored by her. Nyeh he he 😉

Studded skinny, RM12
Studded skinny, RM12

Studded belts are so the rage in online blogshops. Coincidentally,one of my belts is about to break, so went and got these rocker-like studded skinny belt in Jusco departmental store itself.

Little hoops, RM10 for 4
Little hoops, RM10 for 4

Finally, I am such a freak for earrings. Got these cute mini hoop earrings (Thanks to BB who helped me choose!) 4 pairs for RM10! 2 for me, 2 for Sia.

Yay, retail therapy is good to release stress!


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